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The publications shown are authored by ALBF licensed ministers, and are recommended reading to increase your knowledge of the things of God.  Knowledge is power, let your relationship with Jesus Christ increase your desire for more of God in your life!

God's Word is Power!

Please contact the authors if you have any questions regarding these publications.  They can be used for personal study, and multiple copies are available for classroom teaching!  Spread the good news of Jesus, and publish his mighty acts!

By Vernon Rigsby

Price $7.00  Contact Pastor Vernon Rigsby at to purchase this book! 

This book provides Biblical surety to the Bread of Life message!  Full of scriptural reference, Pastor Rigsby leaves no doubt that the Bible can be searched out to prove what Jesus intended at the "Last Supper"!

By Carla Payne


$4.00 each, or purchase both books for $7.00!  Quantity discount is available!

The Privilege of Holiness is a great teaching resource for those who are in need of Biblical teaching regarding God's holiness.  Scriptural references lead the reader through the validity of God's desire for his people to be holy today!

You've Got the Holy Ghost-Now What? will lead the new convert through those early times of God's gift of the Holy Ghost.  It is for today!

Contact the author for more details at

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